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New episode of miniseries “The Godfather” titled “The Last Fall” is out on NTV

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On October 8, NTV, one of Russia’s most popular TV channels, has broadcasted the latest episode of its scandalous miniseries “Крёстный Батька” (The Godfather). Little clarification here, “Батька” is Belarusian word for “father” not Russian (“Отец”). “Батька” is how many Russians (and some Belarusians) jokingly refer to Lukashenko, that’s how he referred once to himself ...Read more.

Medvedev attacks Lukashenko

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It didn’t take long for Kremlin to respond to accusations of political and economic bullying as well as corruption and lying voiced by Lukashenko. On Sunday (!) October 3rd, just two days after president of Belarus spoke in front of more than 100 Russian journalists, Dmitry Medvedev posted a response on his official video blog ...Read more.

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